Staffing (and otherwise resourcing) a Gen3 Implementation

Hi. I'm writing from Ohio State University, where I'm weighing options for building a data commons in our college of medicine. Put simply, I wonder how those of you who've implemented Gen3 would estimate the personnel and capital resource costs of doing so. I'm more interested in your experiences at your institution than in speculation (that could of course be well-informed and carefully considered!) what implementation elsewhere (e.g. OSU) would cost.

I'm also interested in how you've balanced effort between Gen3-focused staff and personnel who might be more embedded in projects, especially when it comes to responsibility for submitting data (this could be a silly question - if so, thanks for your patience but please say so!)

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @colinodden! Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

The team would need a software engineer to install a system and maintain it. To create/update dictionaries, the team would need a data scientist. For data submission, you would need data submitters. The load for these roles can change over time. On the initial step, a software engineer would set up the system. When it is ready, a data scientist will create a dictionary, and a software engineer would assist in putting it to the system (roll the system) on every iteration. Later data submitters would submit data; depending on a volume, it might be one or several people, and dictionary creator could also be involved in this process. A project manager can help to make this process more organized.

Also, there are expenses for hosting and serving data. You might find it useful to check Amazon Web Services calculator or Google Cloud Platform calculator for a rough estimate.