Changing look and feel of Gen3 home page

I have a docker-compose based local instance of Gen3 Data Commons running and I'd like to customize the front page a bit. Can someone direct me to documentation on how to do that? Some local colleagues directed me to the Secrets/gitops.json file, and I found an example gitops.json in uc-cdis/cdis-manifest that I think illustrates how to modify some of the text on the page. But if there is more detailed documentation available that would be very helpful.

Hi @jmartin!

Thank you for your question.

As of now, we have some documentation about this here in the portal config. It may be good to check also the general docs to configure specific features in the portal. Hope this helps!

Best wishes!

Thank you! That is quite helpful. I am working in on a local docker-compose instance, and I was wondering if there is a way I can make changes and update the running container? I was able to synchronize changes in the user.yaml file using:

docker exec -it fence-service fence-create sync --arborist http://arborist-service --yaml user.yaml

would I be able to use that same docker method to update the gitops.json file? I am not sure which services I would target, or even if that method works with json. Sorry for the newbie question, this is all feeling very complex to me at the moment.


Hello! Here's a list of what might help:

  1. If you made changes to a container see the documentation here for restarting the compose-services.

  2. If you update user privileges while the containers are running (without restarting the container), you can just edit the Secrets/user.yaml file using the command you copied above.

  3. To update your Docker images, run

docker-compose pull
docker image prune -f
  1. See also the cheatsheet for more useful commands. Hope this helps!