FAQ unavailable to newcomers

Hi Guys,

I'm interested in Gen3 and I needed to learn more, so I came to these forums. I browsed questions and answers without logging in, which was helpful. When I went to the post by xritter2, to understand the rules for posting, I found I should read the FAQ.

Unlike all posts, the FAQ is unavailable to unregistered users. I needed to create a user account before I could read the document to find out what the constraints would be on me if I created an account... possibly this could be fixed? :slight_smile:

Actually, now I am logged in as a user, I find the FAQ link still leads nowhere. What FAQ should I read before posting?

Hi @Cassiel and happy new year.
Thank you for posting this to our Forum and making us aware of this erroneous site. We fixed the settings and hopefully you should see the FAQ and guidelines now. Please let me know of any more questions. Thank you!

Best wishes!

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