Gen3-client version check bypass?


My co-worker encountered an edge case issue with the gen3-client, a github API rate limit was reached while doing multiple downloads of samples from I believe this is related to the utility checking for a new release of the client with every execution. In an attempt to workaround the issue I submitted a one line patch in the pull request here,
feat(version_check): enable version check bypass by rgschmitz1 · Pull Request #110 · uc-cdis/cdis-data-client · GitHub

I'm not a golang developer, but I did verify that the version check was successfully bypassed by setting the environment variable GEN3_CLIENT_VERSION_CHECK=false

I'm just looking for a review from anyone with commit privileges on repository.


Thanks. We see the PR and it is hung on a test. I've alerted our development team and I'll let you know where this stands when I hear back.


Thanks Fay, Travis CI doesn't offer any details so I thought the tool might just be waiting for a human review before a merge. Keep me posted.

We had to manually force a Travis CI check. Your PR has been merged. Thanks so much for letting us know and supplying a fix!