Regarding Using Schema

I am trying to set up environment for the development purpose for Windmill in data portal. While going through the instructions I found out that the command ```
npm run-script schema -- is not working. Is it optional or we can directly start with the docker commands? Even the docker command is not giving me the required output

Welcome to the forum, @Shradha_Bharne :slight_smile:

I think is just an example and is not currently working, thank you for noticing. Could you try instead and let me know the result?

npm run-script schema --

This URL points to the Canine data dictionary.

yeah its working. Thanx a lot☺but i wanted to ask if all those commands are dependent on each other or we can execute them separately? bcz instead of executing all the above commands i jumped directly to the docker commands

Hi @Shradha_Bharne

Commands you mentioned are not dependent on each other, you can start from docker commands, and it will create schema and run all other necessary commands for you. Sorry it is not clear, we will update documentation.

You mentioned

docker command is not giving me the required output

Could you elaborate on this more? Have you provided HOSTNAME and APP? APP will tell script which gitops json to load, for example if APP=my-config, then start script will load /data/config/my-config.json as portal config

Yes sir, we gave the hostname, some parts of the page were getting loaded but the page is not getting loaded fully. I am attaching the output of the command with this please let me know the reason

docker run --rm -e HOSTNAME=[]( -p 443:443 -ti windmill

Thank you for the details. I will consult with developers on this and let you know what could be the reason.

Hi @Shradha_Bharne!

Developers confirmed that the docker command is not working properly now, portal failing to start because it tries to get the /api/_version endpoint with no success, some services are not running correctly. We are working on fixing this functionality.

Meanwhile, there are two other options to set up local development for Windmill:

  1. As described on the Windmills' GitHub in the following step:

Please note, that the command NODE_ENV=dev APP=dev bash ./ will expect gitops file in parent folder. If it does not exist, the command will suggest to clone it and provide you a link to the GitHub. You can clone gitops repository to the parent folder, as suggested by the command, or create your own gitops. Please let me know if you have any questions about it.

  1. Use Compose Services to run sheepdog/revproxy and other services locally and run windmill against Compose Services.