SAML and OIDC authentication/authorization

Hello. I will be working with a team deploying a new instance of Gen3. I was pointed at this documentation and reviewed the section "5. Authentication Methods".

I am an experienced SAML and OIDC integrator and regularly federate applications/service providers/relying parties with SAML identity providers (IdPs) and OIDC OPs using InCommon, eduGAIN, and ORCID. I would like more details on SAML/OIDC integration, for example which protocol is preferred (if any), if both can be supported simultaneously, which attributes/claims are required and supported, and the like.

I would be grateful if you could point me to documentation (or code) that discusses in more detail SAML and OIDC integration or if that documentation is not readily available, how best for me to learn those details.


Hi @skoranda,
welcome to the Forum and thank you for your question!

We were wondering if you have looked at the documentation on OIDC that is available on the Fence repository and if you could let us know if the same question still persists or if any others might have come up.

Best wishes


Thank you. I had not see the documentation available on the Fence repository. I will consume that and post again if any questions come up.


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