Can't upload data with Compose Services version

I had built up Gen3 in Compose Services mode, but I can't upload test metadata in compose-services/ at master · uc-cdis/compose-services · GitHub describe.

Here's the error message:
2021/07/16 05:36:02 #1 retry of record /media/gitea-data/Gen3_data/testData/DataImportOrder.txt
2021/07/16 05:36:02 Sleep for 2 seconds
2021/07/16 05:36:04 You don't have permission to upload data, detailed error message: 404 Not found error has occurred! The requested url "" cannot be found

BTW, is there any solution to build up the Cloud Automation version on Azure?

Hi @edwardlo12,
welcome to the Forum! Thank you for your question.

Judging from the error, the fence config could have a misconfiguration (i.e. in the user.yaml).

Unfortunately, we do not have an out of the box solution for Azure at this time, but other teams are working on this (example). Would you want to join the Slack channel so you can learn from other Gen3 enthusiasts who share their experiences?

Actually, I have changed all the user1 to my gmail, so my gmail is the admin. Is there anything more I need to do? Or maybe I can sent you my user.yml.

Yes I can join the slack.

The invite to Slack will be sent out shortly.
You are likely to change other parts of the code as well if you are running Gen3 on Azure, for which we do not have out of the box solutions at this time, unfortunately. We hope you find answers from other Gen3 enthusiasts in the Slack Community.

Sorry, is the slack invite been sent?

Hi! Sorry for the delay, it needed approval. Did you receive the invite? :slight_smile:

Yes, I have joined the slack. Thanks~