Cloud-automation setup


In my continuing efforts to evaluate gen3 commons, I'm trying to set up gen3 via the cloud-automation repository. I'm having some trouble following the instructions for setting up CSOC free found at .

I successfully follow the directions in the above document through running the 'gen3 workon cdistest commons-test' command. I receive a ' Terraform has been successfully initialized! ' message.

The next step is to edit the config.tfvars file, which exists but is empty. The backend.tfvars and README files are also blank, leading me to believe that the terraform operation wasn't successful.

I tried to move on to the 'gen3 tfplan' command in the next step, but am prompted to input database passwords for services that I haven't set up yet (fence, sheepdog, peregrine, etc.). Obviously the terraform plan is not successfully created after this.

I'd greatly appreciate any help you can give me. I'm very interested in the visualization and datastorage aspects of the data commons, but need the components not functional in the compose-services setup to fully the usefulness of the software.

-Andy W.

Hi Andy,

Have you defined cdistest (or any other) profile as described in Section 1, Step 5?

Hi Viktoria,

Yes, cdistest is defined as per to document (with the addition of arn_role):

output: json

region: us-east-1

credentials: Ec2InstanceMetadata

arn_role: [xxxarn_role informationxxx]

The script that runs with the gen3 workon cdistest commons-test command runs all the way through and doesnt give any errors,

but when I follow the next step ( gen3 cd ), the config.tfvars file that I'm supposed to edit is empty.

Am I correct in thinking that following the steps in these instructions will result in the creation of the suite of services (sheepdog, fence, peregrine, etc.)? Or do they all have to be built and running beforehand? When skipped on to the next step (gen3 tfpan), I was prompted for some passwords for different services, which made it seem like I had to have them already running and configured.


It is my understanding too. Let me ask developers what could be wrong here.