Question about csoc-free installation

Dear Gen3 team,

we are currently trying out how a Gen3 Data Commons would fit into our data landscape. We started by following the instructions for "third party installs" at

Everything went fine so far, thank you for the nice writeup. We have a few questions concerning config.tfvars:

  • hostname
    We assume this is the FQDN of a host (or an ALB?) that terraform will create. We also assume we can pick an arbitrary hostname that is covered by the AWS certificate specified before. Is that correct?

  • config_folder
    In another thread, we read that this can be set to any value in case we use a local file for the user.yaml. How do we specify this local user.yaml and what should it look like?

  • indexd_prefix
    Can we pick any arbitrary name, as we have not been introduced to Trevar and Zac :wink: ?

  • google_client_secret and google_client_id
    We neither want to connect our Gen3 to any other entity, nor do we want to set up Google authentication. Instead, we would like to use OpenID Connect to setup authentication with our organization. Can we just skip the Google credentials, or do we have to setup an (empty) Google project for Gen3?

Hi @olwalter!

Welcome to Gen3 forum! :slight_smile:

  • There should be valid certificates and DNS for the hostname, since some of the services rely on the hostname and if you don’t have DNS setup or valid certificates there might be issues. Those are two requirements for the hostname.

  • Please see the following link about the user.yaml file: A guide to customizing authorization via user.yaml in Gen3

  • You can pick arbitrary name :slight_smile: If you want your GUIDs to be discoverable through website, you can send a request to register a prefix for your commons from that site and we will generate if for you.

  • You can skip Google credentials, if you do not intend to use Google authentication.

I wonder, if you would like to join our slack channel, where Gen3 enthusiasts share their experience in configuring and running Gen3? :slight_smile:

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Hi @Viktorija,
thank you for the quick reply! This is already very helpful. Yes, please add me to the Slack channel. Let me know if you need anything to enroll me.
Thanks again

We sent you the invite :slight_smile: