Google Cloud and Azure

Hi, I haven't seen a clear answer in what I've read on the Gen3 site so far about whether it supports Google Cloud and/or Azure in addition to AWS. This post says it should be cloud-agnostic, but is hoping for some documentation. Can someone please address this? It would be very helpful to know for a proposal we're creating. Thanks.

Hi Michael,

I know that Rush Hospital and Medical group has successfully stood up Gen3 under Azure and that our partner,, has experience with Google cloud. We do what we can to help with other implementations and are improving our setups to be easier to use with HelmCharts (that will be released to the community soon). I would also encourage you to join the Gen3 Community slack channel for additional support. (Sign up to join our Gen3-Community on Slack!)

If we can assist you with your proposal or if you have specific questions, let us know and we will get you in touch with the best people to address your questions.



Thanks Fay, this is good to know.