Azure implementation documentation

Similar to the discussion posted here- which unfortunately doesn’t have a reply- there seems to be a lack of documentation for using Gen3 in Azure. One of the key points of Gen3 is that it’s cloud agnostic but is missing critical information to get setup in other providers aside from AWS.

Can you please provide detailed docs about setting up in each cloud provider?

I'm very interested in this too. Anyone from the dev team have some feedback? Thanks


My apologies for the lack of response from the Gen3 team. While we are cloud agnostic, we don't necessarily have the internal knowledge to provide documentation about the other platforms although we are working with our dev team and with external collaborators to improve that. In the short term, we invite you to join the Gen3 Community slack channel where you will find others standing up Gen3 on Azure. The registration form is here: Sign up to join our Gen3-Community on Slack!