Issues with gen3-client configure

I am on Mac OS X and have the compose-services repo's docker-compose up services running.
While following the guide on uploading data with gen3-client, I ran into some issues.

I switched the apiendpoint to use localhost instead of

gen3-client configure --profile=demo --cred=~/Downloads/credentials.json --apiendpoint=https://localhost

Which gives the following error:

2020/07/30 17:44:27 Error occurred when validating profile config: Error occurred in RequestNewAccessKey: Error occurred during making HTTP request: Post https://localhost/user/credentials/api/access_token: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

How might I fix this? (also please add me to the slack channel :smile:)

Hello @jeffmylife!

Probably the error appears due to self-signed certificate. As a first step I would suggest to add self-signed certificate to your trusted certificates.

We sent you the invite to the slack :slight_smile: