Outdated request for approval

I'm posting this, somewhat inappropriately, here, because I am unable to find a link on the Gen3 site to contact someone regarding problems.

I use Seven Bridges CGC (Cancer Genomics Cloud) to which I log in using eRA Commons. When I log in, the following Gen3 message pops up (see image attachment):

The person referred to in the message is a former co-worker no longer with the lab. I don't know what access she requested, whether it was on CGC or eRA Commons or Gen3 or whatever. When I click Cancel I'm unable to complete my login. When I click "Yes, I authorize." I log in successful, sometimes with an additional error and sometimes not. I've been unable to determine how to get rid of this message.

Suggestion: add to the "triple bars" menu at top-right of Gen3 page a link to contacts.

Ted Toal

Ted Toal, PhD

Postdoctoral Researcher
Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine
Carvajal Lab, UC Davis, 4502 GBSF
One Shields Ave., Davis, CA 95616, ph: (530) 752-2537

Hi Ted! Welcome to the Gen3 forum :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestion for Gen3 page, I will forward it to the team.

Regarding Seven Bridges Genomics (SBG) consent form, I believe if you login with your eRA credentials, it is asking for your (not your colleagues') permission to authorize SBG retrieve controlled-access datasets on your behalf and know your Google and NIH information.
You may contact Seven Bridges Genomics support if you believe this might be a mistake or you don't have access to the controlled data that needs this kind of authorization. Here SBG CGC support email cgc@sbgenomics.com and at the bottom of the page there more way to contact them https://docs.cancergenomicscloud.org/

I already contacted Seven Bridges support and they said the message is not due to them and that I should contact you!

I see. Do I understand correctly, you are using your eRA credentials and see this message. You believe this message is not for you, but for your ex-colleague. I can not tell from screenshot, do you have any indication, that this message is for your colleague? Maybe you have additional information about this situation: what datasets your are working with, what datasets ex-employee was working with, your eRA username, etc. I will pass this information to our developers to investigate this from our side and provide more information.

Yes, I’m using my eRA credentials. No, I believe the message is for me, asking me to authorize access for a colleague. I only assumed this message was for a colleague because the ID has “SBG” in it and her name is Sabrina BaGgett. But maybe it is not for her. That is a problem with this message, it should say exactly who it is I am being asked to authorize, and exactly what data I am being asked to authorize. My eRA username is twtoal. We are working with the TCGA-STAD dataset. Sabrina might have been working with other TCGA datasets.

Also, I wonder if there is a way to purge an ex-employee’s lab data access approvals out of the system?


Thank you for providing more information. SBG is Seven Bridges Genomics. The message is asking you to authorize SBG to retrieve controlled-access datasets on your behalf and let SBG know your Google and NIH information. I hope this helped to resolve confusion. I'll find out if we can change the message to make it more clear that SBG is Seven Bridges Genomics.

Regarding ex-employee data access removals, I think it should be done through a similar process, as approvals. For example, if she had/has dbGaP access to TCGA datasets through your lab, then Principal Investigator can remove her from downloaders on the dbGaP site. Here is a helpful image from GDC documentation about data access, section 4. Granting Access for Other Individuals in a Lab

This link contains additional information about Downloaders.

GDC, SBG CGC and other NCI Cloud Resources automatically synchronize with dbGaP.

Why do I need to authorize Seven Bridges every time I log in to Seven Bridges using eRA commons? Shouldn’t one authorization be sufficient?


Oh, Viktorija, I don’t think I mentioned that about 1/3 of the time when I log in to Seven Bridges via the eRA login, after clicking “I authorize..” I get the following error page, which displays for a couple seconds, then I’m redirected to Seven Bridges and login is successful:

Hi Ted,

I checked with our developers about the more clear message. SBG-20201217 is the name of the OIDC Client Seven Bridges is using; we will notify Seven Bridges that OIDC Client name shows up on the consent page and together decide on a better solution.

Regarding one-time authorization, our developers said that we would like to move to that model, but we have not implemented it yet, and it's part of the future roadmap.

Regarding the error message, could you please also post an URL where you see this message? Is it Gen3, Seven Bridges, or other page? The screenshot has "Click here" message, and I wonder what link is under "here" word. I will consult with our developers about what could cause this error.

I’ve tried to make the error message come back about a dozen times now and it hasn’t. Next time it shows up I will try to find out what that link is.