Unable to login to Anvil Gen3 commons


I'm trying to log into Anvil gen3 commons with my eRA commons user/password, in order to download data from the GTEX project (instructions- https://anvilproject.org/learn/reference/gtex-v8-free-egress-instructions).

However, when I try to log in, the page remains blank and hangs indefinitely. I'm able to log into the eRA commons site/dbGaP without any difficulty using the same user/password.

If I clear history and try again, I can enter my user/password, but then all that happens is a small file is downloaded to my local machine that says { "error": "service failure - try again later"}

Can you advise how to proceed? Thanks!

Hi @Chirag_Krishna,

we are sorry you are experiencing login issues. In order to help trouble-shoot please contact the helpdesk at support@datacommons.io.

Thank you very much!

Hey @Chirag_Krishna, could you try logging in and downloading again? Thanks!

@xritter2 I was able to login and download- thanks!

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