“Downloadable” tab missing

Hi, I just started using The AnVIL to get GTEx data and I am following the instructions here: https://anvilproject.org/learn/reference/gtex-v8-free-egress-instructions#downloading-gtex-v8-object-files. It says:

' 2. Click the “ Downloadable ” tab and select “ CF-GTEx ” under “Projects” and “Project Id”'

However, there is no Downloadable tab in my session as it should be, see screenshot. I have permission to download the data, which was requested in dbGaP, so not sure why this is happening. Am I missing a step?
Thanks for your help.

Hi @RaqMan,

welcome to the Gen3 Forum and thank you for reaching out!

The GTEx v8 free egress download feature is currently undergoing maintenance. The Downloadable tab has been temporarily removed but should be coming online soon. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. As soon as the feature is back online, the banner in the instructions page will be updated accordingly - https://anvilproject.org/learn/reference/gtex-v8-free-egress-instructions.

Best regards!