Workplace and Jupyter NB page is not work correctly


I follow the to build a Gen3 data commons on AWS, I can login with Google account, I can see main functions [Dictionary, Exploration, Files, Query, Workspace, Profile] but there are some questions.
Q1. When I click [Workspace], I saw following message on screen.
" Error opening workspace...
Workspace is not enabled, or you do not have access. Please contact administrator for more information."
-- How should I do to enable this page? Is this related with user.yaml and project.yaml? Is there any doc. for me to understand how to config there 2 yaml files?
Q2. Compare with Gen3 demo site, I can't fine [Notebook Browser], how should I do to enable this function?

Best regards,
Nokia Du

Hi @NokiaDu!

Welcome to the Forum and thank you for your question!

A1: It's possible that the user.yaml is not configured correctly. Workspace needs to be added here, here, here, and here. Also wts , hatchery , and ambassador need to be deployed plus hatchery needs to be configured.

A2: You can enable the Notebook Browser in gitops.json:

Hi Xritter,

Thank you for your response, I will spend some time to study/understand and let you know if there are any questions. Thank you again.

Best regards,
Nokia Du